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Upgrading — Why Now?
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Despite rather checkered results in the past, Rook’s Rant has once again upgraded to a new version of MT without a total meltdown.

Over at Bloggg there is a totally new look, and a switch to WordPress, that went relatively smoothly.

Actually, both actions were probably total hemorrhoids, but people don’t want to go into that after the sucker finally works.


1 SSG { 05.11.09 at 11:37 pm }

On this topic, I have many words, but I’ll refrain from using them. 😉

Do people actually still use MT? Really? Damn. I’m still haunted by memories of endless rebuilds and hours spent deleting comment spam. But maybe it’s a real platform now, who knows…

2 Bryan { 05.12.09 at 12:24 am }

Rook refuses to let it win. He is determined to make the thing work. He has had some major disasters, but he manages to tape it together and get it back up.

Nice hack on the emoticons, BTW.

3 SSG { 05.12.09 at 2:24 am }

Oh, that’s not a hack! That’s a bonafide (albeit now-unsupported, but still working) plugin. I can pass you a copy, if you’re interested.

4 Rook { 05.12.09 at 7:51 am }

MT finished off the spam problem almost 3 years ago. It’s their failure to have an operational email response system to allow for local registration that’s a pain in the ass now. And yes, many still use MT, include Barak Obama, TPM, MOJO (Kevin Drum) and various others. So Pthhthththththth!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Bryan { 05.12.09 at 11:35 am }

I go back to the 1970s, SSG, and for me all plug-ins are technically “hacks”, because they aren’t part of the original program and are inserted to alter functionality. I also differentiate between “hacking” and “cracking”, but no one these bothers with these fine points today.

It’s just that you have such an interesting history with upgrades, Rook. When I saw the loading stalled over the weekend, I felt sure you were upgrading and was waiting for the after action report of your battle.

I’m supposed to be avoiding things that make me angry and to use this blog to release anger, not increase it, so I switched to WordPress.

Different strokes.

6 Kryten42 { 05.12.09 at 11:57 am }

I’m supposed to be avoiding things that make me angry and to use this blog to release anger, not increase it

Hahahahaha… I’m supposed to do that also! I’ve decided that the ONLY way to avoid things that make me angry, is live on another planet on my own, or die. 🙂 Working in IT is a constant exercise in futility, annoyance and epic self-control. 😉

Then again, I have resisted the urge (many times) to change others features, so I suppose it’s done wonders for my self-control. 😉 😀

I’ve concluded that the expectation of a little peace and quiet will come after I’m cremated. I’ve totally given up on the naive hope of finding more than a rare, occasional, signs of intelligent life. Whenever I think I’ve found such a creature, it usually turns out to be a disappointing illusion.

“There ain’t no such creature!” 😆

7 Bryan { 05.12.09 at 12:43 pm }

It’s hard to avoid making changes, but at least I know that I brought it on myself, and it isn’t an external problem.

This is a nice release since I can’t head out to the woods to “punch paper” as the mental cases are hoarding ammo in anticipation of the liberal stormtroopers repelling out of black helicopters to take their vital fluids or guns or something. No word as to whether this happens before or after all the Bibles are burned and the children are forced to be gay and marry their pets.

Instead of fluoridating the water, they should really be adding Prozac. I live among heavily armed, crazed sheep who are being herded by rabid coyotes.

Who knew I would be getting ready to retire in a world that looks a great deal like a Looney Tunes cartoon?

8 Rook { 05.12.09 at 2:24 pm }

Actually, the slow loading over the weekend was a problem with my hosting service, and had nothing to do with me updating. In fact, after I updated (uploaded the files while I was in the shower) I noticed an increase in my page loading for Rquared.

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9 Bryan { 05.12.09 at 2:41 pm }

Every time I have trouble loading your site, based on experience, I assume you’re changing something.

At least you still have your archives.

10 Moi { 05.13.09 at 7:37 pm }

Not Moi hemorrhoid, Bry. 😉

I just could not see spending hours looking for some little-ass glitch that might or might not fix the problem once we did something with/to it (whatever that was). If EE doesn’t believe in their product enough to come out with 2.0, then I have no problems with switching.

Typepad….ah, memories, I used to rent there….I know what SSG means about the comment spam, too. Blech.

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11 Bryan { 05.13.09 at 8:28 pm }

I think you’ll like the interface after you get used to it and there are all kinds of possibilities.

The comment spam as died off a lot, so it’s not much of a problem.