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From Here And There

A check around the Florida blogtopia has produced a not outrageous selection of Democratic candidates for various jobs in 2010:

Governor: Alex Sink Update: Alex is In!

Attorney General: Dan Gelber

Chief Financial Officer: Dave Aronberg

Senate: Kendrick Meek

I’ve already talked about Ms. Sink.

Dan Gelber has been looking at the Senate race, but that was before Charlie declared his run. Gelber has the credentials for Attorney General and it positions him to make his name known statewide.

Dave Aronberg has been looking at the Attorney General race, but he has better credentials for CFO, and nowhere near the experience of Gelber. Again, he will get statewide name recognition.

Kendrick Meek essentially inherited his seat in Congress from his mother, Carrie Meek, and hasn’t faced an opponent in an election in 6 years, but he has a huge war chest and was an early supporter for Obama. Let him have a shot and see if he can campaign. I don’t think the Dems can afford a primary battle at any position and if the Republicans destroy each other in the primary, and he gets Obama’s support for turn out, he could win. It’s a long shot, but no one will know if he doesn’t move beyond his current position.

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