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Good News For Geeks

The Shrubbery tried to have it killed but public opinion won out and finally, Space shuttle catches up to Hubble for a repair mission. The Hubble, like the Mars Rovers, has exceeded expectations and provides hard science and popular appeal. It is the ability of these types of missions to engage a wide spectrum of the US population that makes the space program possible. Update: Successful capture.

Justice is served: European Commission fines computer chipmaker Intel $1.45B for a continuing pattern of anti-competitive behavior that has been going on for years. Monopolies are inherently inefficient, and they have no reason to improve their products. The lack of innovation generally leads to the conditions that have cost the US its manufacturing base. If you don’t upgrade your factories, you will get leaped-frogged by foreign competitors and die.

One of the major reasons that IT jobs can be outsourced so readily is because of the absurd dominance and stagnation of the Microsoft-Intel model. The older computer infrastructure in the developing world has become irrelevant because there isn’t a significant qualitative difference between a five-year-old Wintel box and a new one.

Since profits are all Intel cares about anymore, maybe they’ll wake up and start innovating, but I doubt it.