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Neocon Scorecard — Why Now?
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Neocon Scorecard

Let’s see, Iran has no effective enemies on its borders. Iraq is going to have an Iran friendly government. Hamas is still the majority party in the Palestinian parliament.

What about Lebanon? According to CNN: Analysis: Hezbollah win could shake Obama Mideast policy.

After 8 years of the neocons, Israel is more isolated than ever, Iran has risen as the major power in the region, and the US is still bogged down in two wars.

That certainly worked out well… 😈


1 Kryten42 { 05.18.09 at 11:41 pm }

You and I both know that it’s not really funny, but we also can’t help BUT laugh! 😈

I think we should get a T-shirt that says: (front):

And on the back:

Nobody listens to me!

Maybe with a nice mushroom cloud, or one of those “Toxic! Don’t Touch!” symbols. 😉 😆

2 Kryten42 { 05.18.09 at 11:44 pm }

Hmmm. Maybe:


yeah! That’s better. 😉

If you want a more ‘USA Patrioutic’ version, you could substitute GOP for USA. Oh, wait… The GOP *ARE* the Patriots! Hmmm.


3 Bryan { 05.19.09 at 12:03 am }

If I didn’t know that Iran hadn’t attacked another country since the end of the 18th century I would be sweating bullets.

Even so, Israel is so screwed up that they might do something stupid, and a lot of people will die.

The idiots refuse to admit that they are their own worst enemies. I’m not at all happy about Hamas or Hezbollah being in power, because their attitudes are not really all that different than the Likud. I do understand that people vote for them because the US and Israel give them no choice if they want to change the status quo.

4 Kryten42 { 05.19.09 at 12:10 am }

Hmmm. Unfortunately Bryan, I don’t share your confidence RE IRan. It’s true that *Persia* refrained from invading other Nations, but Persia was one of the most civilized Nations on Earth. The USA changed that, and now *Iran* is not Persia for the most part. People there are seriously pissed, and they have had more than enough of the US bloody A! 🙂

They only thing between the USA and some serious retribution, and also Israel, is whether Obama will pour water or oil on the embers.

That yet remains to be seen. I’m not holding my breath.

5 Bryan { 05.19.09 at 12:30 am }

The ayatollahs who actually run the place don’t like disorder or being disturbed, but there are plenty of whackos below them who are more than ready for a jihad if anyone gives them an excuse that the ayatollahs can’t ignore.

Any attack would be like kicking an anthill, and the whackos would come streaming out.

So far, Obama and Clinton seem to be saying doing the right things, but you can’t trust the damn Likud, especially Bibi.

The best policy is to let them go back to sleep. At current oil prices their ability to rearm, or to create new arms is limited. The economy of the world is too fragile for a major spike in oil prices, and putzing around with Iran would cause a spike.

6 Badtux { 05.19.09 at 1:06 am }

The ayatollahs who rule the place now have the same incentive as the shahs before them to not do something stupid — they got themselves a cushy day job bein’ masters of Iran and shit, and they know damn well if they did something stupid they’d have both Israel *and* the U.S. on their ass — and the U.S. has them surrounded on three sides, between U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the U.S. client state in Pakistan.

You gotta remember, the ayatollahs put the ‘tic’ in ‘pragmatic’. While they were fucking rantin’ about the ‘great Satan’ and shit, Ayatollah Khomenei was buying U.S. arms using Israel as a proxy. The ayatollahs don’t really give a shit about Israel or Palestinians or any of that, all they care about is power, and keeping it. And they know attacking their neighbors is no way to retain power.

That said, you attack them, and they ain’t gonna stand by and take it. They didn’t seize power from the Shah’s vicious secret police by being pushovers, and they won’t be able to maintain control of their own crazies if Israel or the U.S. bombs them. Bad Idea. Not that this stops the neo-cons from pushing for it. The neo-cons are, like, a virtual fountain of bad ideas…

Badtux´s last blog post..In which the penguin is very rude

7 Bryan { 05.19.09 at 12:16 pm }

We are in no condition to start or deal with anything else. The military needs time to heal and repair the damage of the Hedgemony. Things are really screwed up, and if there wasn’t a GOPression, recruiting wouldn’t exist.

The last 8 years are going to have a major impact on Guard and Reserve recruiting for decades. They have shifted the expectation away from defense of the US to foreign wars, and it takes a while for people to forget that, normally about 20 years.