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Keeping Us Safe?

Dick “Dick” Cheney keeps saying that the Hedgemony and its illegal activities kept us safe, but they ignore the Anthrax cases that were never really solved, and the ongoing series of bombings in New York: Explosion rocks Upper East Side in New York

The explosion blew out the windows of a Starbucks coffeehouse at East 92nd Street and Third Avenue at 3:25 a.m., according to New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

A “low-order improvised explosive device” exploded after being left on a wooden bench in front of the coffeehouse, Kelly said. The blast could be heard many blocks away, according to CNN affiliate WABC-TV of New York.

Seven people were briefly evacuated from the building above the Starbucks, Kelly said, but no one was injured. The interior of the Starbucks sustained no damage.

It’s too early to tell whether Monday’s incident is connected to other minor explosions in New York City in recent years, including ones at the British and Mexican consulates and another in Times Square, Kelly said.

This is a rather classic form of terrorism, but the wars and violations of civil liberties don’t seem to be very successful in solving it. It probably requires that “quaint” institution – police work.


1 Kryten42 { 05.27.09 at 9:08 pm }

Been reading an interesting blog & C&L about the recent ‘Terrist plot foiled by the FBI’. The comments are enlightening (for a change). 😉

Terror Plotter’s Sick Brother: ‘He Did It For Me’

Some of the more interesting comments IMHO:

Yet somehow
Mon, 05/25/2009 – 17:21 — sixandseveneights
the Oklahoma City Bombing slipped through the cracks

Re: Terror Plotter’s Sick Brother: ‘He Did It For Me’
Mon, 05/25/2009 – 17:41 — Ape-Man
The difference is that the Oklahoma Bombing wasn’t an FBI plot. This was an FBI ploy, a play, a sting, to demonstrate the prowess of the FBI.

I’m not so sure OKC wasn’t an FBI, or at least a
Mon, 05/25/2009 – 22:52 — NoOneYouKnow
shadow government plot. The Feds finally admitted that there were others involved in the bombing who were never caught and whose participation was covered up for years after the fact. A little strange that the FBI would lie to the country and say McVeigh and Nichols were solely responsible.
So maybe this was an FBI plot to “catch some terrorists”, and right when Dick Cheney was most trying to justify his torture chambers.
And maybe OKC was an FBI plot to blow up a federal building. Whichever, in both cases the facts don’t support the official story.

Re: Terror Plotter’s Sick Brother: ‘He Did It For Me’
Mon, 05/25/2009 – 17:37 — Ape-Man
All the FBI succedded in doing is demonstrating that you can recruit people to do things for you with money.

Re: Terror Plotter’s Sick Brother: ‘He Did It For Me’
Mon, 05/25/2009 – 17:35 — Ape-Man
That’s right, and if that guy had medical coverage he might not have been dragged into the FBI plot.

This FBI is depraved and the medical plan sucks.

I think you summed it up perfectly
Mon, 05/25/2009 – 17:07 — katenh
…desperation and haplessness all the way around. The real shame is that only one side to the entire charade will go to prison and the other side will probably get promotions.

At least one will get medical treatment he wouldn’t have gotten by following the “rules”.

There can be nothing lower in my mind than the well armed, staffed and powerful setting up the disconnected, desperate, impoverished and ignorant in order to better their careers. Welcome to America!

*sigh* All very sad honestly. And I am certain this won’t be the last case of desperation. It’s just the start.

Amerika better start building more Prisons. Then the USA will truly become the ‘Welfare State’. I can see where people will believe they will be better off in Prison. No financial worries, free food, medical treatment. Some would argue that since they are not free out in the World, loosing freedom of movement in Prison are outweighed by the benefits (how can anyone be free who is too poor to go anywhere or buy anything?)

What an amazingly stupid Nation.

2 Bryan { 05.27.09 at 9:36 pm }

This is the same crap they pulled with the Miami Haitians, i.e. they locate some down-and-outers, indicate there’s money to be made, create a plot for them, and then arrest them. This time the FBI learned to at least have them do something that showed they were willing to participate in a crime.

In both cases you have an “informant” acting as an agent-provocateur and planner. It’s not clear how this makes anyone safer. It sounds more like an agency trying to justify its budget.