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2011 November 08 — Why Now?
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In The News

The Greek politicians still haven’t found a scapegoat: “The make-up of Greece’s interim government will be announced later on Wednesday, a government official said.” … or not, depending on the ability to locate a prime minister.

Having taken out the Greek prime minister, the Franco-German banksters have focused on Italy: “Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has confirmed he intends to resign after key economic reforms have been approved.”

Some better news in the US elections:

In Ohio: “A law limiting collective bargaining powers of Ohio unions has been defeated in a special referendum, according to the Associated Press.”

CNN is projecting that the Mississippi ‘Personhood’ amendment has been defeated. Maybe Mississippi should do something about its infant mortality rate. I don’t expect them to get it down to Cuba’s rate, but they ought to attempt to match Latvia.

November 8, 2011   3 Comments

Yes, The ‘Net Is Hosed Today

Actually it started yesterday with a firmware update to Juniper routers which wasn’t ready for beta testing, much less deployment, and it had to be reversed. Many larger systems, like Time-Warner cable, saw it as as 30 second interruption in everything.

The wonderful part of deploying these changes via the ‘Net is that there is no single point of failure, so changes ripple through the system. Today, those who didn’t notice anything yesterday are experiencing the joy of the outage and then the reversal.

Just like kidney stones, this too will pass.

November 8, 2011   5 Comments