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2011 November 28 — Why Now?
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In Economic News …

OECD warns of spreading eurozone recession. The Austerians will take down the entire European Union rather than consider the fact that they are wrong in their policies.

The ‘Masters of the Universe’ are disturbed this holiday season by the inflation that means that the Twelve Days of Christmas will now cost over $100k. There goes the office party and gifts for the staff.

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Brownback Blowback

So a high school senior, Emma Sullivan, on a school trip to the state capital expressed her uncomplimentary opinion of the current governor of Kansas to her ‘friends’, all 65 of them, on Twitter.

Unbeknownst to the people of Kansas, they pay the Kansas governor’s director of communication, Sherriene Jones-Sontag, to monitor Twitter for negative comments about the governor, and to ‘take action’ when she finds them.

While the principal of her high school told Ms Sullivan to write a letter of apology to the governor, she has refused, and her mother backs her up.

In the end it is Kansas Governor Sam Brownback who has apologized. He has apparently figured out that people don’t like it when you ‘listen in on the party-line that is Twitter. His director of communications has managed to inform thousands of people that Ms Sullivan thinks he sucks. Ms Sullivan, of course, is correct, in her conduct and opinion.

Insincere apologies are beneath the dignity of high school students, but SOP for politicians.

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