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2011 November 26 — Why Now?
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Busy Day

“Pike-tte”, the woman who thinks that pepper spray is as important as a cart when shopping, has turned herself in. I wonder if someone let her in on the “secret” that there are more cameras taping in a Walmart electronics department than a Superbowl game? The police haven’t released her name or the charges.

While all of the retail groups are talking up the great day Friday was, I had to go out today, and there were no crowds anywhere. As I drove passed Walmart I noticed that their parking lot was emptier than a regular Saturday.

Would you believe that corrosion in a DSL wall jack will mess up your telephone, and not affect the DSL? I could call out, but couldn’t receive calls on my landline, and that was the problem. I installed two separate cables to avoid having filtering problems, but for some reason, high resistance on the DSL line blocks the ringing on the telephone line, while leaving the DSL functional. Weird …

I finished up the majority of the outside lights. They were turned on Thanksgiving night, but there were minor problems, as always. Everything is LED now, so they should just work after the timers get sorted out.

November 26, 2011   8 Comments