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2011 November 19 — Why Now?
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The Race Is Heating Up

While the run for the Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor Award for the Worst Cop in the US had looked like a shoo-in for Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, or other seniors officers in the NYPD, focus has shifted to the West Coast.

The current leader has to be Lieutenant John Pike of the University of California Davis PD.

The absurd excuse of being ‘surrounded’ justified the use of the pepper spray ignores the fact that the people sprayed were within the circle of officers, and not pressing from the outside. All of the other officers are dealing the people on the outside, while Pike strolls along the line of seated protestors with his over-sized can of pepper spray. If there were a real threat, why would Pike have his visor up?

Pike really evinces the casual sadism that was a hallmark of ‘Bull’ Connor.

November 19, 2011   12 Comments