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2011 November 16 — Why Now?
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The Power Of Ridicule

In a wonderful come back to the pogrom, Occupy Wall Street posted this: NYPD Occupying Liberty Square; Demands Unclear.

[Via ‘Noz]

Update: Keith Olbermann lays into Tsar Michael in a Special Comment.

[Via Steve Bates. That goes to the Current site and it is a bit overwhelmed as the YouTube version was pulled. There is a transcript, but you really should see Keith in high dudgeon.]

November 16, 2011   2 Comments

American Censorship Day

It’s American Censorship Day, an effort to derail the latest effort by Congresscritters to punish the 99% on behave of the 1% – the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ HR 3261.

The BBC covers the issue, while the US media are silent because the ‘news’ is a subsidiary of the beneficiaries of this latest attack on freedom in the US, the media conglomerates.

The only good news concerning these efforts is that they give rise to Pirate Parties as a reaction.

The media conglomerates are using the ‘Net as an excuse for their reduced revenues. It doesn’t occur to them that they are overcharging for products that are not worth the money. If they shipped their goods on re-writable media, the end-user would at least get something for their money.

Here’s a news flash – it isn’t the ‘Net’s fault that Tony Bennett Sings Justin Bieber isn’t selling.

November 16, 2011   2 Comments