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2011 November 30 — Why Now?
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Random Thoughts

Everyone talks about “optimists think the glass is half full, while pessimists think the glass is half empty”. What about the other options, like “the glass is too big” or “the bartender shorted me” ?

My day was rudely interrupted by Property having a cat frenzy. She got into the drawer were I keep the shopping bags and got her head through one of the handle holes. She then proceeded at maximum speed around the house with the bag around her neck and hitting her back. This continued for three orbits until the bag snagged on something and she tore loose.

She is currently on top of the refrigerator, on alert for another vicious bag attack. Excise is spooked as he was bowled over while she was orbiting.

Update: This is from today. As a psychic gift anticipating LOLcats is not much ….

funny pictures - Chemistry Cat

November 30, 2011   9 Comments

Iran Blew It.

If they were going to have their thugs attack the British embassy, they shouldn’t have released photos that clearly show the police doing nothing to stop them as as they rush into the embassy.

So, the UK is expellling all Iranian diplomats over the embassy attack, and many European countries are ‘recalling their ambassadors for consultation’.

As it is currently configured, the Iranian government doesn’t have a clue about diplomacy.

November 30, 2011   Comments Off on Iran Blew It.

Hit The Siren

Massive reaction to the reality that the world’s big banks are bankrupt, and will be forced to admit it if the euro zone collapses: Shares jump as central banks try to ease financial woes

Global stock markets surged as some of the world’s big central banks launched plans for co-ordinated action aimed to support the financial system.

Wall Street’s Dow Jones index saw its biggest gain since March 2009, rising 4.2%, after jumps on European bourses.

It came after the US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and the central banks of the UK, Canada, Japan and Switzerland acted to improve lending.

Their move includes making it cheaper for banks to buy US dollars.

When banks are in trouble from their fraudulent loans and ‘gambling losses’, there is no discussion of ‘moral hazard’ or ‘offsetting with cuts’, the money is just shoveled at them, and the management continues to get obscene compensation packages for failure.

If the money was passed out to the 99%, they would spend it and get the economy moving again, but, no, they have to suffer so bankers can have limos.

November 30, 2011   4 Comments