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2011 November 09 — Why Now?
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I Know, Let’s Have Another War

You have probably heard about the IAEA report on Iran. McClatchy reports U.N. watchdog confirms Iran tried to build nuclear bomb

WASHINGTON — Iran worked for five years to develop a nuclear warhead for a ballistic missile before abruptly halting the project in late 2003, and some aspects of a nuclear weapons program “may still be ongoing,” the U.N. nuclear watchdog reported Tuesday.

First off, this isn’t an official report yet, as it hasn’t been approved by the IAEA board, but it was selectively leaked.

Second, it confirms what was already reported by a US intelligence estimate, that Iran stopped working on a weapons program in 2003.

Third, in 2005 the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei issued a fatwa against the production, stockpiling, or use of nuclear weapons as ‘unIslamic’.

Fourth, it has been centuries since Iran has attacked anyone.

Part of the ‘evidence’ cited is a large metal tank that is supposedly being used to develop a nuclear trigger. Jim White at Emptywheel in association with other bloggers looked at that issue and discovered that it is used to make nanodiamonds. The ‘Russian physicist’ whom the Iranians consulted, is actually the Ukrainian physicist who developed the process. The explosives are detonated in the tank to supply the heat and pressure necessary to convert carbon into its diamond form.

Anyone remember the mobile biological warfare lab that Iraq had? The one that turned out to be a mobile hydrogen generator for weather balloons after the country was laid to waste.

November 9, 2011   4 Comments