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2011 November 14 — Why Now?
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Dull Day For News

In what was an obvious coordinated attack at multiple locations, the police have wasted millions of tax dollars destroying camp sites of the Occupy movement. The people will relocate and start again. This isn’t going away.

You should sign this petition, or at least read it. Badtux told you to do it on Saturday, 11/12, and ‘Noz started the ball rolling on Tuesday, 11/08. If the petition disappears, let me know. I copied the text.

There is apparently not going to be a professional basketball season this year, which I know really bothers you. This is what happens when the 1% fights among themselves.

Newt is apparently the new favorite Not-Romney candidate in the GOP. They really want Zero to win.

November 14, 2011   11 Comments