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A Bunch Of Psychos? — Why Now?
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A Bunch Of Psychos?

Via Scott at Corrente, a post by George Monbiot in the Guardian‘s Comment is Free area: The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen.

While I am aware that Monbiot is looked upon with distrust by some people, [‘moonbat’ was coined for him], he does a researched look at the ‘Masters of the Universe’, with references to a number of different people’s work that studied the CEO class.

Read the article and then review what you know about the bankers, and people like Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg. Ask yourself, is the portrait that Monbiot draws accurate? Is the hypothesis valid?

Update: The British satire site Newsbiscuit gives a hint about what some people think about George: Authorities threaten St Paul’s protestors with George Monbiot.