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Friday Cat Blogging — Why Now?
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Friday Cat Blogging


Friday Cat Blogging

Is that really the sun?

[Editor: Ringo has found a sunny spot in the driveway and has no intention of giving it up.

Friday Ark


1 ellroon { 11.25.11 at 1:08 pm }

Love the colors and textures… and the kitty’s pose. Can you pet any of your fur gang or are they all feral?

2 Bryan { 11.25.11 at 2:22 pm }

Ringo is the momma cat of tax fame, and I can’t walk across the yard without stopping to give her head scratches. She just prefers to be outside unless it gets really cold. She doesn’t like her kids, and doesn’t get along with Dot, so that is a good thing.

3 oldwhitelady { 11.25.11 at 7:11 pm }

That’s a great photo. Ringo always looks beautiful, but the shadow behind her really creates a nice image. It looks like she’s been busy making leaf circles, even though it’s only half done (the semi-circle behind her). I bet she was busy with it when the sun started shining so nicely. She had to warm up, so took a break. You were lucky to catch her on break. 🙂

4 Bryan { 11.25.11 at 7:27 pm }

She’s lucky that neither Tonto or the Big Tipper has noticed the ‘sun spot’ or she would have been forced out.

Her hair starts as dark charcoal near the skin and fades to silver at the tip, so the light really changes what she looks like, and I couldn’t pass up the ‘Batman silhouette’ behind her.

5 hipparchia { 11.25.11 at 9:43 pm }

love the bat-signal! and the warmth and sunshine we’ve had the past few days.

my two short-haired blues are like ringo, vastly different cats depending on the light, but the fluffy blue one is less so. i thinks it’s because most of the length of his fur is the lighter shade [overwhelming the darker roots], but i can’t get him to hold still long enough to verify this.

6 Bryan { 11.25.11 at 10:51 pm }

Two of the Underhouse cats are a darker grey than the others, and their coats don’t react to the light either.

Yes, Ringo can spend most of her time on the roof soaking up the rays.