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‘Tis The Season

Well, the police may not be attacking the Black Friday shoppers, but they are taking up the slack on their own: Shooting outside Calif. Walmart, 1 wounded and Woman pepper sprays other shoppers at LA Wal-Mart on Black Friday eve.

The propaganda mills media are already pushing the ‘party line’ with one saying 150 million people have gone shopping and another trumpeting 25% of Americans, both figures are made up out of whole cloth. It is the end of the month, so cash is in short supply, and people are avoiding credit cards. It is going to be another bad year, and the retailers know it as they are carrying much smaller inventories than they once regularly displayed.

Walmart has seen declining sales for over two years, so the dollar stores are the only sector with any real hopes for retailers catering to the 99%. The stores for the 1% haven’t really noticed the economic problems, and will probably have a good year.


1 ellroon { 11.25.11 at 1:12 pm }

I was joking about using pepper spray for shopping!…. She obviously reads your blog, Bryan.

2 Bryan { 11.25.11 at 2:26 pm }

People are aggressive, greedy morons, just like bankers. The bit that disturbed me is that the store stayed open as if nothing happened. People were injured, most seriously in the panic to get away, but ‘the band played on’.

3 cookiejill { 11.26.11 at 12:49 am }

It’s horrifying out there. Battling each other for $2.00 waffle makers. The pepper spraying woman was ALLOWED TO RING UP HER PURCHASES like nothing happened.
Our country is so “pooched.”

4 Bryan { 11.26.11 at 5:37 pm }

Jill, I think ringing up her order was probably done under the corporate policy for armed robbery, i.e. do what you are told and contact the police = no confrontations in the store.

I understand that the cashiers don’t make enough money to take a faceful of pepper spray for the Walton brats, and I doubt they have much trust in the police making a timely arrival.