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Leaking Like A Sieve

I found the perfect theme song for what the government is doing to us.

You may have noticed that in drips and dribbles the government is leaking information to support their terror alert. I would note that some of what is being reported should be classified because it is real intelligence and the reporting is revealing real ‘sources and methods’, unlike what Snowden released which covered the illegal parts of the activities.

For those who don’t keep up on this stuff, al Qaeda has pulled off three large prison breaks in the last year in Pakistan, Iraq, and Yemen. Interpol issued an alert based on the number of people who were released, which included criminals as well as, terrorists.

I would assume that those freed in Pakistan headed for the tribal areas; those from Iraq to Syria; while the Yemeni group probably rejoined their army in the on-going civil war.

It is strange that the super-atomic wonder system of NSA didn’t warn anyone about the prison breaks. I assume someone checked the date on the conversation of the ‘high-ranking al Qaeda members’ to be sure the ‘big thing’ wasn’t the prison break … right?

August 5, 2013   4 Comments

Say What ‽

I checked the calendar to be sure, but we are one day shy of 9 months since we last elected the President. That means that there are 3 years and 3 months to go before we do it again. Given the reality that the attention span of the American public is on a par with a kitten in a knitting circle, I was more than slightly taken aback by what the Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, did today.

It would seem that CNN is making a movie, and NBC is making a documentary about Hillary Clinton. This hasn’t been a secret as these things take time. Both were somewhat stunned to be informed that if they continued with these projects, the RNC would boycott the networks. The media companies were given 9 days to respond.

This certainly indicates where the RNC comes down on censorship issues. Neither network can cancel these projects without taking a loss which is not something that corporations generally do.

My advice is to continue the projects and honor the RNC boycott by not asking any Republicans to violate it by appearing on any of their shows. Hosts can explain at the beginning of every show how much they wanted a Republican point of view, but the RNC won’t permit it. Republican candidates can be represented by an empty chair at any debates.

August 5, 2013   4 Comments