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Yesterday Marcy posted The Clapper Review: How to Fire 90% of SysAdmins?

I read it and learned that USCYBERCOM employs 1,000 systems administrators with the same access as Edward Snowden. After I got over the shock, and the speculation as to what they needed a thousand SysAdmins for, I started to think about the cost. Snowden made over $100 thousand/year, so the cost of a thousand Snowdens would be over $100 million/year coming out of our taxes. That is a significant administrative cost. SysAdmins don’t collect intelligence, or analyze it, they just keep the computer networks up for organization.

The problem isn’t that they want to cut the number of SysAdmins, it’s that they have such a mess that they feel they need a thousand SysAdmins to keep it working.

August 14, 2013   4 Comments