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So the rain is not good for buried telephones lines. My lines are alright, but I’m having to find a replacement for my Mother’s system.

I felt optimistic for several days as I located what I thought was the perfect solution, but I’m beginning to suspect there is no simple solution.

Through Consumer Cellular I found a device that is a cell phone, but it plugs into the wall, so you don’t have to watch the battery level, and you can plug your existing landline phones into it. This meant that my Mother could continue to use the wireless handsets she has spread all over her house, and not have to worry about carrying a cell phone. It is really a nice concept.

I also found a nice replacement for her med-alert system. Snapfon makes a nice, simple cell phone that includes an emergency button that connects to a 7/24 monitoring service and switches to speaker phone mode.

Then the phones arrived and it turns out they both use the AT&T network. I determined that the Snapfon definitely won’t work with it, because the local network requires at least a 3G level phone and the Snapfon is only 2G. I’m afraid I’m going to run into the same thing with the Consumer Cellular phone because it is also designed strictly to make phone calls. The irony on the Consumer Cellular phone is that is branded AT&T.

August 22, 2013   4 Comments