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I’m trying a plug-in that is supposed to permit you to do comment editing after you have pressed Publish.

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If it works, I will be removing the Preview button, as it doesn’t seem to be serving its purpose.

August 11, 2013   21 Comments

If Only The Tsar Knew

That concept got a lot of people killed and was an underlying cause of the Russian Revolution. To hear a variation coming from someone like Dr Juan Cole is just jarring.

Edward Snowden learned the lesson of Father Gapon and delivered his message to “the Tsar” from another country on a different continent. He wanted to be able to participate in the debate over what the government was doing, and not be ‘disappeared’ like Bradley Manning.

As I was never an Obama fan, I can see the sarcasm in “For Barack is an honorable man; So are they all, all honorable men.” He disenfranchised Democratic voters in Florida and Michigan to win the nomination because he wanted to win at any cost. He has never done anything that is even remotely liberal or progressive.

Given the way his Department of Justice charges whistleblowers with Espionage, trying to give a message to this Tsar, is every bit as potentially life-threatening as presenting one to Nicholas II.

August 11, 2013   4 Comments