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He Is Going To Do It

There was no need for the US to be involved, other than as a concerned citizen of the world community in the civil war waging in Syria. What is happening in Syria is of no strategic interest to the US. Humanitarian aid is all well and good, as it generally goes to people who have been affected through no fault of their own.

Zero feels compelled to project US power into every problem that makes it to the front page of the Washington Post, and this time he decided to include ‘a red line’ that must not be crossed. He put the US into this position, and now he is going to attack yet another country ‘to prove he wasn’t bluffing.’

Tomahawk cruise missiles cost around $1.45 million, so we have to wait to see how many millions of dollars he thinks is sufficient to prove he isn’t a wuss. This whole mess is testosterone poisoning, and it is just as bad in this White House as the last one.

This action almost guarantees that the Nobel Committee with give the next Peace Prize to Edward Snowden to make up for giving one to Zero.

Poison gas is a terrible thing. I had a great uncle who was caught in a mustard gas attack in World War I and died very young as a result, but a bullet or artillery shell could have had the same effect. Killing people is the problem, not how they are killed.

August 28, 2013   Comments Off on He Is Going To Do It