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Processing Latency

Digby is wondering WTH?

‘Informed sources’ are leaking that the US has intelligence showing that Syrian forces were preparing for a chemical attack three days before it occurred, and the information is detailed enough that an educated guess could have been reasonably made as to the target.

The Syrian opposition is now asking why the US didn’t tell them, so they could have minimized the effects of the attack.

My guess is that the importance and meaning of the intelligence wasn’t determined until after the attack had taken place. They still haven’t figured out that they need more linguists and analysts to handle what is being collected to determine what is important.

Crucial information that would have pinpointed September 11 as the target date for a major attack wasn’t available until September 12 because of the backlog, and things have only gotten worse with all of the data hoovering that is going on.

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Since it is apparent that the Security Council can’t do anything about Syria, because Russia and China will veto anything that seems negative about the Assad government; and Britain has already decided they won’t go to the party, Zero is going to pass the problem to Congress.

That provides him with a way out, as Congress has done next to nothing so far, so they aren’t likely to do anything about this. If the House decides to even bring a bill up for a vote, you just know that it will be to de-fund Obamacare, with an amendment to blow up Syria [or not] as that is the only issue that can currently pass the House.

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