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A Law To Protect Secrets

The BBC reported David Miranda row: New law ‘needed to protect secrets’

Anti-terror laws should be strengthened to prevent leaks of official secrets, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Blair has told the BBC.

He was speaking after police seized what they said were thousands of classified documents from David Miranda – the partner of a Guardian journalist.

Lord Blair said publication of such material could put lives at risk.

First off, whatever was on David Miranda’s property was encrypted if it came from Laura Poitras, because that’s how she does things. There is a less than zero chance that they have any idea what is in the files, so they are lying when they claim that there were hundreds of secret documents. There might be, but British authorities will be expending a lot of time and resources finding out.

Who are these people whose lives are put at risk by documents showing that NSA, GCHQ, et al. are collecting the data of their own citizens? The ‘terrorists’ already assume that everything is monitored, because it is in the countries they come from, so this doesn’t alter what they do in the slightest.

The new law to protect secrets should be to protect the ‘secrets’ of the ordinary people who aren’t involved in anything criminal or subversive from their governments.