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New Press Secretary


After an exhaustive search through the birth announcements of the Heritage Foundation’s members for 1970, the White House announced the appointment of R. Furbington Howl III to be the new press secretary.


1 andante { 04.20.06 at 1:35 pm }

Is that a “Support the Troops” or “I’m With Stupid” button just under the flag?

2 Bryan { 04.20.06 at 2:10 pm }

It says: “we don’t comment on on-going investigations.”

3 Mustang Bobby { 04.20.06 at 2:19 pm }

Damn, I was hoping for Mrs. Beasley.

4 Bryan { 04.20.06 at 2:45 pm }

I would make a comment about Scotties, but that would be really…Okay, there’s a one Scottie limit in the job.

5 pissed off patricia { 04.20.06 at 5:17 pm }

Perfect and he can be programmed to say the lies over and over. So much easier to work with than the last robot.

6 Steve Bates { 04.20.06 at 5:35 pm }

Bryan, I just emailed you my Furby/NSA doggerel from 1999. Enjoy, if that’s the right word!

7 Modulator { 04.20.06 at 6:44 pm }

Replacing the Faithful Scotty…

bush and bolton have made their selection. The press conferences should improve!……

8 Bryan { 04.20.06 at 7:21 pm }

I just want everyone to know that I am not proud of the fact that I remembered Furby and wasted part my of life looking for one in a suit, but the one I found with the flag pin was too good not to use.

9 Karen { 04.21.06 at 6:16 pm }

Oh and he’s multilingual and speaks “Furbish” – which is much better than Ole Scott-Tissue McClellan could speak in a single language!