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2006 July 01 — Why Now?
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Final Four


An all UEFA final.

Germany v. Italy and Portugal v. France

July 1, 2006   3 Comments

He’s Back

Terry’s back to blogging at Nitpicker and wonders if the so-called conservatives understand the rules of the WWII-era “Office of Censorship” that they want to reinstate, and who would be most affected by those rules.

If you would like to read something lighter about the media you might try the work of another Terry, as in Pratchett, who as a book called The Truth. It is fantasy, okay? There is really nothing in it about wealthy guys from Australia or Pittsburgh who mess around with the world as a hobby and to make a lot of money. It’s a work of fiction, no matter how familiar some things may seem, because it’s set on a planet that’s as flat as a pizza. It has wizards and talking dogs, nothing like our planet.

July 1, 2006   Comments Off on He’s Back

Compare and Contrast

Both have wooden heads and work with clowns, but one is a Florida congresscritter.

July 1, 2006   2 Comments

Happy Canada Day

La fête du


Thank you for not yet building a fence along your southern or western border, and for brewing great beer.

Schedule of Ottawa events and some background.

July 1, 2006   2 Comments