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2006 July 20 — Why Now?
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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid [D-Reality] admits the obvious: Iraq devolves into ‘civil war’.

I guess the Shi’ia will be the Black and the Sunni the Green based on traditional battle flags. The Kurds will probably have the Turks to deal with and will try to stay out of the problems occurring in the southern two-thirds of the country.

July 20, 2006   2 Comments

Not A Fun Day

The theme music for today is Paint It Black, a favorite from another war in a different time and place.

The potty-mouthed pervert stamped his feet and said “NO!” to a bill passed by his rubber-stamp Congress. It was stage-managed as always. Republicans in tight races got to vote for legislation that was popular with real people and he had a hissy fit for the benefit of the FundaMENTALS.

Real people like Jack, Steve, Charles, and Nancy Reagan can give you real reasons for funding this research, and PMP says that his god [based on the advice so far, I have to assume this is a personal god, not associated with any known organized religion or system of ethical thought] told him to say “NO!”.

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