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Not A Fun Day

The theme music for today is Paint It Black, a favorite from another war in a different time and place.

The potty-mouthed pervert stamped his feet and said “NO!” to a bill passed by his rubber-stamp Congress. It was stage-managed as always. Republicans in tight races got to vote for legislation that was popular with real people and he had a hissy fit for the benefit of the FundaMENTALS.

Real people like Jack, Steve, Charles, and Nancy Reagan can give you real reasons for funding this research, and PMP says that his god [based on the advice so far, I have to assume this is a personal god, not associated with any known organized religion or system of ethical thought] told him to say “NO!”.

The fact that these decisions are made by people who couldn’t recognize the object of the discussion under a microscope on a bet, and who have only the vaguest of understandings of the birth cycle in humans, or much of anything else, is not enhanced by their general track record of abject failure in their every effort.

Never before has the American government spent so much money, and had so many people, while producing less in tangible benefits for the taxpayer. Congress is in session only slightly more often than the PMP is in the White House. Regulatory agencies aren’t regulating anything. Apparently extra people needed to be hired to assist with privatizing vital functions at a higher cost than when Federal workers actually provided the functions.

Add the news from the Middle East and it has been a very depressing day.