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2006 July 26 — Why Now?
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No, Hugo, Just No


Venezuela Air Force

Hugo, I like you and really appreciate Citgo as a reliable source of gas in good times and bad. I realize the Shrubbery is on your case and causing trouble for you, but, trust me, you and your country do not need to buy these from Russia.

The Sukhoi-30 [Flanker] is a hot fighter and will look great in Venezuelan colors. The Israelis, French, or Indians will compete to sell you the aftermarket goodies to make them even better, but you don’t need them.

If you want to buy planes, your country could use short-haul prop jobs to move people and products around. Buy some of those and use the money you’ll save on schools and health clinics.

July 26, 2006   7 Comments

Target Recognition

As a service to the Israeli Air Force, the following symbols should not be targeted to avoid appearing in court:

Red Cross Flag

UN Flag

Israeli Flag

[Click on symbols for more information.]

July 26, 2006   2 Comments