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2006 July 23 — Why Now?
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Some Language Help Please

Exactly where in the expression, “it’s none of my business”, does anyone see, expressed or implied, that I would be interested in standing outside in a 106° heat index, mere steps from my air-conditioned home, while my neighbor explains the details of his personal relationship with his girlfriend and the “obvious injustice” she perpetrated by throwing all of his belongings on the front lawn.

My sole connection to this relationship was offering the opinion, when asked, that flowers might be better received on Valentine’s Day than a NASCAR video.

This is time that I will never get back and their fights weren’t even amusing.

July 23, 2006   9 Comments

Who Is Who

There are a lot of different groups in the Middle East that come up, but it is not always easy to figure how they relate to each other and how they are perceived in their own country.

Everyone is probably familiar with Yasser Arafat and associated him with the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] for years, but the PLO has evolved into the government of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Groups like the Communist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine are active only in Palestine and only as militias. Death is their only purpose and violence is their only tool. Their main “claim to fame” was their association with the Japanese Red Army, the group that introduced the suicide bomber into the conflict.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad is similar, but they have ties to groups in areas other than Palestine.

While they might serve some purpose during a revolution, if the revolution succeeds, the new government is going to have to deal with them. Many believe the Tet Offensive was designed in part to rid the North Vietnamese of the “problem” of the Viet Cong.

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Passing the Plate

Florida License Plates

Florida Plate Blogging


Standard Florida Plate

A weekend feature of Why Now.

July 23, 2006   2 Comments