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2006 July 02 — Why Now?
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Something Wicked This Way Comes

It wasn’t “by the pricking of my thumbs”; it was by accumulation of things that I heard and read that did not fit the normal patterns for numerous events.

Two experienced infantry soldiers, members of the 502nd Infantry Regiment are captured. How? These guys were armed and armored. They would as soon shoot you as look at you and they were working in an area noted for attacks.

Here are “some of the dogs that didn’t bark”:

  • An Iraqi talking to the BBC mentioned finding the bodies by the odor. Decomposition is faster in the heat, but they must have been killed on they day they were taken, or may have been dead when taken, for the process to be that far along.
  • There were no demands made. The demands are almost always totally outrageous, but they make them.
  • There was no video of the death. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for the deaths, but they always put up a video of the event. The Russians were shown dying, but not the Americans.
  • The mutilation was well in excess of the norm including Iraqi reports of castration.

War is a form of insanity, but after a while things tend to settle into a pattern. This incident breaks the pattern. This was a different type of insanity.

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Passing the Plate

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