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2006 July 28 — Why Now?
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Chill Out

It’s Beatrix Potter‘s birthday, so go read The Tale of Peter Rabbit at Project Gutenberg.

July 28, 2006   2 Comments

Short Takes

Billmon is reduced to calling for: A Blight Unto the Nations.

‘Noz has a friend who wonders if the Israelis were expecting to be reined in by the US, and are lost because that didn’t happen.

The Pensacola Beach Blogger looks at the news through Middle East Prisms.

Glenn Greenwald wonders: Why is being right or wrong on Iraq so irrelevant? I wonder why what was obvious to a doctor and governor of a New England state was so badly misinterpreted by the so-called pundits? Monsieur Pierre Coeur de Haricot and the other cheerleaders should just stop commenting on foreign policy until they’ve volunteered for a few of the wars they advocate.

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Trivial Friday

Tony Blair’s wife has a family connection to Republican Presidents: Cherie Booth QC is from a long line of actors in Britain and the US, including John Wilkes Booth.

She is a prominent human rights barrister [attorney] and makes the  real money in the family.

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Friday Cat Blogging

It’s About Time

Friday Cat Blogging

Hey, I live here too!

[Editor: Sox hasn’t gotten a lot of Friday time.

Friday Ark

July 28, 2006   11 Comments