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2006 July 05 — Why Now?
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The Final


Italy v. France

The US had a draw against Italy in the Group stage.

July 5, 2006   4 Comments

The North Korean Missile Threat

Update: I forgot to include a link for the Nodong launch facility. [Stop smirking, you’re adults.]

This is all open source, okay? No super secret spy stuff involved, it is on the Internet.

In the beginning there was the Vergeltungswaffe and the V-1 was looked at by Thor and adjudged: “It’s kind of wimpy isn’t it. A sort of model airplane that isn’t very accurate. I think it needs some work.”

And they labored and produced the V-2, and Thor said: “That’s more like it! The proper shape, know what I mean [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]?”

And the V-2 was so pleasing that it’s basic design was used to build other weapons.

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July 5, 2006   2 Comments

You Don’t Have To Be Confused…

To be a senator, but a lot of them are, and they deal with important issues about which they know nothing.

By now you seen references, like this one on Blonde Sense about Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska.

First off he complains about the speed of delivery of office e-mail, which he calls “internet”, and he’s right to complain. Many of us who send e-mails to Congress have been complaining for an extended period about the lousy mail server that Congress uses, but in this case it has absolutely nothing to do with the Internet: an e-mail within Congress never gets on the Internet. Ted call your Congressional IT administrator and chew him/her out and suggest that they switch to the standard, free software that does a much better job.

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July 5, 2006   10 Comments