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Who Is Going To Tell Them?

When are the Wingers going to figure out they are being used? The Shrubbery and company don’t think there is any real threat to their persons from “terrorists”.

If they were worried about attacks they would not be attending announced events all over the country. The security for those events is designed to keep protestors away, not terrorists. If you are worried about terrorists you don’t buy properties in resort areas and then have the FAA make them no-fly-zones so their location appears on the flight charts the government hands out.

If you are concerned with threats you remain in a defensible location and allow your security people to do their job. You do not go flying around the country in a large readily identifiable aircraft and move around locally in a large readily identifiable caravan of vehicles on a known schedule.

Tom Ridge played with the “terror alert” based on the poll numbers. Apparently he took his crayons with him when he left, because it hasn’t changed at all since the last election.

When it is politically expedient they release information on the sources and methods being used to combat terrorism. People should never have been told about Valerie Plame, nor about Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal, but the White House has revealed the names of both. They have shown more concern for the names of the people who crafted their energy policy, than public servants trying to protect this nation.

July 3, 2006   2 Comments

Another Question Answered

I wondered how, given the “Stop-Loss” that was in effect, a member of the 502d allegedly involved in the rape/murder could have been discharged. CNN provides the answer: a “personality disorder”.

This guy was pulled out of a war zone and given an honorable discharge for a “personality disorder”. Exactly what kind of “personality disorder” could an airborne infantryman have that would disqualify him for military service, and be benign enough to allow him to be released on the unsuspecting civilian population?

I suspect that the Army realized he was crazy and wanted to be rid of him. They dumped him to avoid having to take care of his problems. I suspect someone in his chain of command knows a good deal more about the crime than has been admitted.

July 3, 2006   6 Comments