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2006 July 29 — Why Now?
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The House of Representatives has just passed the Paris Hilton Diamond Dog Collar Protection Act. Working on the weekend in one of their rare sessions of any kind for any purpose the Republicans leadership has labored to protect the children of their obscenely wealthy campaign contributors from the terror of being merely rich beyond the imagination of most of the workers in the United States. Responding to the possibility that one or two of the multimillionaire/billionaire class are too miserly or stupid to avoid paying taxes on their own, the whining wieners hid the tax cut inside a bill to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour over three years. They then left for a 5 week vacation.

Note that the increase in Social Security taxes from the minimum wage increase would help to hide the real budget deficit.

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Of Pots and Kettles

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Via Exit Stage Left: “An Israeli girl on Monday writes a ‘message’ in Hebrew on shells ready to be fired by mobile artillery unit towards Lebanon (AP photo by Sebastian Scheiner) – 7/18/06”

In Salon Mitch Prothero writes about The “hiding among civilians” myth. Short version: Hezbollah avoids civilians fearing Israeli spies [with some justification].

Israel sets up an artillery battery in a town with children and then accuses Hezbollah of hiding behind civilians. I believe it’s called projection.

[Understand that Hezbollah’s ultimate goal is to establish a Shi’ia Islamic theocracy in Lebanon, something I oppose in my very core. Israel’s actions are making it more possible every day.]

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