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Shakespeare’s Sister, among others, is rather nonplussed by the statement of Administration toady attorney, Steven Bradbury, that: “The President is always right.”

Of this is not the same as Papal infallibility which was defined by the First Vatican Council of 1870. Heavens, no, that would be entirely too confining for the President, who has to deal with the important issues of the Global War on Terror. There can be no limits on the power of the President to always be correct.

Only counter-revolutionary forces would mention posters saying: “Der Führer hat immer recht.” There is no need to talk about Khrushchev [Хрущёв] and the speech to the 20th Party Congress about Stalin’s “cult of personality” [Культ личности Сталина].

This Wikipedia entry on the Cult of Personality shows why it would be wrong to make assumptions:

A personality cult is also characterized with many images and representations of a leader in public places, including statues, billboards, posters, signs, paintings, and vast murals. In many cases the leader is portrayed in various types of garb (indicating many roles) and in heroic positions. This is meant to emphasize the greatness and wisdom of the leader. The leader’s slogans and other quotes cover massive spaces, and books containing the leader’s speeches and writings fill up bookstores, libraries, and schools. The level of flattery can reach heights which may appear absurd to outsiders.

Ha, he can barely write, so there will be no writings.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Fidel Castro
Nicolae Ceauşescu
Adolf Hitler
Ho Chi Minh
Saddam Hussein
Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il
Mao Tse-tung
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