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Just in time for Nodwish™

If you feel the need for a stainless steel colander, but fear it will clash with your wardrobe, Jersey Cynic of Blonde Sense has found the answer: a collection of shielded clothing.

I have to wonder what this stuff will look like if you go through the new TSA x-ray scanner. I think you can expect to be added to the no fly list.

December 3, 2006   2 Comments

A Marketing Problem

Dr. Cole looks at the Rumsfeld memo and is taken by the fact that Rumsfeld is more concerned with “the message” than the reality of Iraq.

Rumsfeld has always been more concerned with “marketing” than the product of the Defense Department. He has been running it like a failing corporation, slashing budgets and services while talking about “improved efficiencies”, rather than working to improve the capability of organization to provide what it is supposed to be providing: the defense of the United States.

December 3, 2006   2 Comments

A Small Victory for Decency

The state of Nevada didn’t wait for the VA to make up its mind on the issue and went ahead and did the right thing.

According to the article on CBS, the state installed a marker in the Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery that had the Wicca pentacle to honor the beliefs of a fallen soldier.

“Roberta Stewart, widow of Sgt. Patrick Stewart, and Wiccan leaders said it was the first government-issued memorial plaque with a Wiccan pentacle – a five-pointed star enclosed in a circle.”

The VA is still shuffling paperwork.

I would point out that a five-pointed star on a circle were the wing flashes for American aircraft during World War II.

December 3, 2006   Comments Off on A Small Victory for Decency

Passing the Plate

Florida License Plates

Florida Plate Blogging


Standard Florida Plate

A weekend feature of Why Now.

December 3, 2006   6 Comments