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Gift Ideas

Steve Bates‘s friend Stella has a solar powered rainbow maker and Karen has a USB missile launcher that should keep small pets amused for an extended period.

December 5, 2006   7 Comments

Them That’s Got, Get

If you had any doubts, the BBC reports: Richest 2% own ‘half the wealth’.

If you are feeling pretty good about your condition you should note: “In contrast, some citizens of the rich countries have more debt than assets – making them, the report says, among the poorest in the world in terms of household wealth.” This is the reason the housing bubble has had such an impact – when your largest asset is de-valued, you can become poor really quickly. I would note that property assessments will lag this decrease, so you will still be taxed on the higher value.

December 5, 2006   2 Comments

Birds, Bats, and Bérubé

Michael Bérubé took his son to see the new animated film, Happy Feet, because his son wanted to see the movie. His son gave it two stars, but Michael looks at the earlier writing on the movie and opines: “the right-wing pundits and bloggers who complained about the film are completely and fully batshit insane.”

After six years of the Shrubbery I can understand why some people are having a problem telling the difference between cartoons and reality.

December 5, 2006   Comments Off on Birds, Bats, and Bérubé


If you are K. Daniel Glover and you are taking money to be the editor of National Journal‘s Technology Daily and the author of its Beltway Blogroll, isn’t it reasonable to assume that you know something about blogs and bloggers?

Apparently not. First, the Beltway Blogroll is, in fact, a blog, not a blogroll, and its content is essentially daily selections from the feed with minimal original content. The current post is “Danny” bemoaning the mean bloggers for “attacking” him over his piece in the New York Times. Apparently it doesn’t occur to him that he should have used more due diligence and fact checking before he impugned peoples’ ethics.

It may come as a surprise to “Danny”, but Google works on blogs, and if you have questions about what someone did or said, you can search through their archives to find out when they wrote about things, and whether they mentioned any outside interests. It’s really simple to do, even paid professionals can learn to use it.

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December 5, 2006   Comments Off on Civility