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Pushing The Limits

Some people don’t understand that there’s a limit to “cute.”

There is a house locally that has a manatee mailbox. It is a sculpture of a momma manatee with a nursing baby, and a mailbox coming out under momma’s chin. It that weren’t enough, there have been seasonal hats and scarves put on the manatees from time to time. The treacle is enough to slow your car when you’re trying to drive by.

We just try to ignore it and hope the people will come to their senses and put up post for their mailbox like everyone else.

Now they have escalated. For the “season”, in their front yard, lighted at night, these people have put up two flamingos in Santa hats!

It is about time the code enforcement board did its job. The house and property have to approach $2 million as a newer house on a large piece of land on the waterfront. There need to be some standards, even for the wealthy.

Update: I would note that Bill O’Reilly has no problem attacking rabbis for wanting a menorah at their local airport, but has been silent on the flamingos.

December 13, 2006   10 Comments

It’s That Time Of Year

Andante reminds us that Santa gets letters, even from children who should realize they are on the “Naughty” list.

Juan Cole thinks that bicycles might make a good gift for everyone.

Ellroon thinks that overdoing the decorations could be dangerous.

Ellroon also looks at the problem of determining who’s naughty and who’s nice.

December 13, 2006   2 Comments