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Proofreading Optional

I realize that I’m not part of a “professional media organization”, like CNN, but I would like to think I would have noticed a problem with the QuickVote question posted at 10:01PM EST:

“Do you think driving would be safer with less rules of the road?”

Even the grammar checker in Word noticed.


1 Steve Bates { 12.27.06 at 12:29 am }

Ouch. My sainted mother, an English teacher in her younger years, just turned in her grave. I am not the stickler for grammar that Mother was, but even I winced at that one.

2 Bryan { 12.27.06 at 10:01 am }

It really grated when I read it. It isn’t a mistake I hear often, and I know a lot of people for whom English is their second or third language, and they didn’t learn the extra languages in school.

3 Bryan { 12.28.06 at 5:47 pm }

Don, mea culpa, your comment got deleted because it was buried among spam and I did the approve and delete all in the wrong sequence.

The safe choice is “to reduce.”