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Although no one knows when it will be finished, the Royal Mail gears up for final Potter book launch. After all the work and extra equipment needed to deliver the sixth book, the Royal Mail is trying to get ahead of the crush for the last book in the series.

Even though it exists only as a name, pre-orders have already made Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the number one book on the UK branch of Amazon.

In Australia a cat is credited with saving a family from a house fire. If they invent a cat-friendly can opener you can forget the heroism.

If you decide to get drunk and obnoxious on an airplane, you really should avoid slapping an undercover federal air marshal.

Just what the world needs – a cheese cam:

“It’s better than watching paint dry – just,” said chairman Philip Crawford.

“As you can see we really do take our cheese-making seriously. We nurture our cows so they produce lovely milk which in turn creates exquisite cheese.

“Some might say this is the most boring website of 2007, but our cheese is worth waiting for,” said Mr Crawford.

Cheddarvision, because your life really is that boring.

Ellroon continues to provide coverage of one of the most underreported stories of the year: squirrel terrorism.


1 Steve Bates { 12.29.06 at 12:18 pm }

“Arraigned…” now there’s a word that has almost passed from the vocabulary of today’s reporters. One wonders, from all the secrecy, if it’s someone famous who slapped the air marshal. Famous or not, I hope they arraign on his parade.

I have been drunk on a plane exactly once. I do not recommend it. It was on a charter flight from NYC to Graz, Austria. Takeoff was aborted after the plane was already rolling down the runway (because of some warning light), leaving a planeload of musicians scared out of their wits. The serving crew (sensibly or otherwise) broke out the liquor stock while an investigation of the warning light was conducted, and passed out free drinks… twice at least… to all passengers, to settle their nerves. It did that and more; we were a relaxed and lively (though not rowdy) bunch by the time the plane actually took off. Unfortunately, New York to Graz is time enough for the pleasant effects to wear off and the aftereffects to begin. As I say, I do not recommend it.

2 Bryan { 12.29.06 at 10:10 pm }

I would imagine the secrecy is to protect the identity of the marshal. It soulds like they are charging him with interfering with the flight crew to avoid the necessity of the marshal appearing in court, which would be required if the defendant were charge with assaulting an officer.

Hangovers and jet lag are both forms of dehydration. Aircraft air has only about 4% humidity, which dries you out, and alcohol binds to water, which also dries you out, so drinking on an airplane guarantees headache, nausea, weakness – all of the standard symptoms of dehydration. Take two aspirins with at least a quart of water and don’t plan on doing anything for 24 hours.