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Suburban Guerrilla update

Susie isn’t really gone, but you may need to adjust your link. If you try to access her site as just susiemadrak.com you will be redirected to her hosting service. If you use www.susiemadrak.com the site will appear.

Apparently her site had a spam flood that amounted to a denial of service attack and the host shut the site down. The address change is apparently part of the changes to get the site back on line.

She is going to work as a press secretary in a political campaign and feels constrained to limit her blogging as a result of the new job. She will be bringing some people on board to keep Suburban Guerrilla going, but it won’t be her voice most of the time, for the next five months. Ethics are the curse of the blogging classes.

Scorpio of Eccentricity was able to get in and mentioned it in comments so I tried some things.