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The Canadian ‘Coup’ Continues

Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the nation explaining how sneaky and underhanded the other side was for having a majority of the seats in Parliament and believing that they should run things.

He didn’t address how what Dion and the Liberals are doing today is significantly different than what he did in 2004 with the same two parties to overturn a Liberal government.

The basic is problem is that it is apparently impossible for any single party to win a majority of seats in Parliament, so, for the foreseeable future Canada will be ruled by minority governments or coalitions. That was the decision of the voters in October, and I sincerely doubt that a lot of people have changed their minds in the intervening two months.

So now the decision is left to the unelected Governor General who would probably have preferred to stay in Europe on a series of state visits [and possibly Christmas shopping].

My outside opinion is that Dion isn’t the only Canadian party leader who will be replaced in the near future.

December 3, 2008   Comments Off on The Canadian ‘Coup’ Continues

Mer Jul i Gävle


Once again, Why Now? is pleased to present the link to the webcam of Gävlebocken, The biggest Christmas Goat in the world [now with a blog].

From Steve Bates of Yellow Doggerel Democrat in the comments from 2006:

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