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Short Hits

It would appear that the editors of The New York Times are as gullible as Ms Palin: Times published fake letter from Paris mayor. I guess we’ll see Nigerian investment strategies in the Business section next.

It isn’t just the Big 3 in trouble as Toyota will post its first loss in 70 years because cars aren’t selling.

And, least and last, will someone buy this man a clue: Pope puts stress on ‘gay threat’

Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

Excuse me, but I think the loss of oxygen, and the flooding of major inhabited areas that will result from the destruction of rainforests is a bit more critical than what goes on in peoples’ bedrooms.

December 22, 2008   4 Comments

Caroline Kennedy?

First off, my ancestors were the first European settlers in the Mohawk Valley of what was New Holland, and has since become the state of New York. I was born in and graduated from a high school in that valley. My parents home towns are in that valley and I have hundreds of relatives who still live there. From 1964 through 1983 I was a registered voter in upstate New York. I have an interest in what happens in New York state.

Caroline Kennedy is a famous unknown. Her father was assassinated 45 years ago, so many of the people in New York state media and politics have no personal memories of JFK. Like her mother, whom she resembles, Caroline Kennedy has been a very private person with a familiar name.

Caroline Kennedy’s uncle Robert and Hillary Clinton are famous people who became Senator of New York and used it to run for President. They did, at least, run for election in the state, and both won with the support of upstate voters.

[

December 22, 2008   7 Comments