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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Catnapping at The Odd Neighbor has almost completed her version of the Twelve Days of Christmas graphics and haikus. They are available via this link.

The world needs more whimsy.

December 24, 2008   Comments Off on For Your Viewing Pleasure

…And Checking It Twice

So it’s time to get everything in line so that there will be smooth sailing tomorrow.

Obviously you need the text of A Visit from St. Nicholas [AKA Twas the night before Christmas] or one of the variations.

But now that you’ve finished putting up enough lights to match the total electrical consumption of a third world nation, you can sit back and watch the North American Air Defense Command’s annual attempt to take out that red-suited commie’s attack on the capitalist system by giving stuff away. [Don’t worry kids, they are using the anti-missile defense system, so there’s no danger to anyone but taxpayers.]

December 24, 2008   12 Comments

Happy Christmas

Holly, Robin & Mistletoe

[I am listening to A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge and working on major appliances so here’s my Christmas Eve post.]

The British have some wonderful Christmas customs that have survived the incursion of Christianity, especially the Puritan party poopers. Stealing customs from the Celts, Germans, and Scandinavians, they have created a wonderful holiday that I fondly remember from time spent there, parts of which members of my family have adopted from time in various locations in the Commonwealth.

The bird is a European robin that is featured on British Christmas cards, as it is a Winter bird in England, unlike the fair-weather laggard of the same name in America. It is bracketed by holly and mistletoe. All go back to the druids and solstice celebrations.

If you read the Harry Potter books you will get a taste, but not the full effect of a British Christmas. A full-on Christmas dinner is wretched excess to the nth degree – Thanksgiving on steroids.

The BBC has the background on Father Christmas.

December 24, 2008   8 Comments