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Israeli Agitprop

Having spent years reading propaganda and dealing with military and police euphemisms, allow me translate some of what is coming from Israeli and Hedgemony spokesweasels:

We are targeting “uniformed Hamas forces”. That would be cops, firemen, and postal workers.

We are targeting “Hamas buildings”. As the largest social services provider in Gaza, that would be daycare centers, schools, clinics, mosques, and community centers.

The Islamic University trained the people who built the rockets attacking Israel. They taught physics and chemistry classes in the science building.

The University was a meeting place for Hamas. Some people in Hamas went to that University.

We are targeting Hamas field agents. That would be local officials, like mayors and city councils.

Soon they will talk about “military support facilities”. Those are roads, bridges, and public utilities.

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December 29, 2008   9 Comments