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Maybe Later

The Agonist has decided that the Drupal upgrade isn’t ready for prime time at the moment and have reverted to version 4. Been there and done that – looks swell with the test data, but you start loading the real data and it’s one disaster after another.

December 28, 2008   14 Comments

They Just Don’t Get IT

Because going to the County Tax Collector’s office to renew license plates is a pain, I decided to to try the on-line renewal that was offered [note that Florida now offers a two-year renewal] in the notice. What a joke.

I can understand about the invalid security certificate, they are using a certificate for the old site and haven’t changed it yet, but the “problem” the state DMV found in the records was laughable and shows why datamining is a concept that is wasted on these people.

The associated DMV records didn’t match because the city name “Fort Walton Beach” appeared as “Ft Walton Beach” on one record, and “Ft Walton Bch” on another, while all of the other information was the same. The renewal notice has the unabbreviated version, and all of them have the complete 9 digit ZIP code.

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December 28, 2008   2 Comments