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Short Hits

It would appear that the editors of The New York Times are as gullible as Ms Palin: Times published fake letter from Paris mayor. I guess we’ll see Nigerian investment strategies in the Business section next.

It isn’t just the Big 3 in trouble as Toyota will post its first loss in 70 years because cars aren’t selling.

And, least and last, will someone buy this man a clue: Pope puts stress on ‘gay threat’

Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

Excuse me, but I think the loss of oxygen, and the flooding of major inhabited areas that will result from the destruction of rainforests is a bit more critical than what goes on in peoples’ bedrooms.


1 Badtux { 12.23.08 at 1:41 am }

I’m so scared of that evil Gay Threat. Why, they might decorate my apartment! Eeek! The horror, the horror of tasteful fine furnishings and matching colors instead of my dorm room specials! And if that doesn’t scare me, they might, they might… commit theatre. The horror, oh the horror! And then, finally, there is that most horrific act of the gay menace, they might… they might… style my hair. Talk about emasculating, having neatly styled hair instead of hair that looks like it was cut with toenail scissors or buzzed real close by some old fart with a flat-top comb?! My, err, you know what, may never salute again!

It is only fitting that a man wearing a dress tells us just what kind of horror awaits us if these, these gays, get to push their evil agenda of well decorated homes, tasteful theatre, and attractive hairstyles upon us!

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin

2 Kryten42 { 12.23.08 at 3:17 am }


Here’s another short hit for you. 😉 Courtesy of C&L (from a couple days ago)

Feeling Safer Yet?
By Susie Madrak Sunday Dec 21, 2008 4:00pm

Just think how much money and effort it would have saved if the Bush administration had only enforced the rules that were already in place!

Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) — The FBI has had to shift agents from terror and other crime work to Wall Street investigations including the alleged Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, said David Cardona, head of the New York office’s criminal division.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has had to engage in “triage” in responding to successive frauds involving subprime mortgages, auction-rate securities and Madoff, who prosecutors said confessed this month to bilking investors out of $50 billion, Cardona said in an interview yesterday.

“We have to work those cases which we think pose the greatest threat,” he said. “In this case, it’s a threat to the financial system and Wall Street. It’s the same with mortgage fraud. I’m ramping these squads up.”

Special Agent Rachel Rojas, who once worked on tracing terrorist financing and al-Qaeda, now oversees 15 agents investigating mortgage fraud, said Cardona, a career agent with 23 years at the bureau who once worked as a New York state accountant. He declined to say how many other agents he has reassigned from anti-terror work to financial-crimes.

Doncha all just feel so much safer knowing nobody is on the job fighting foreign terrorists, because they are far too busy fighting the domestic terrorists that grew significantly under Bush.

So… What’s worse? A foreign (or even a domestic) terrorist group with bombs and guns that may harm hundreds or thousands, or terrorists that control the financial life-blood of the country who can cause millions of people to be harmed and even die? Just asking.

Yup! Fighting them over there so you don’t have to fight them at home. Worked real well I see. 😉

3 Kryten42 { 12.23.08 at 3:23 am }

Here’s an update just posted by Susie at C&L:

Economic Crisis Hits State Court Systems
By Susie Madrak Monday Dec 22, 2008 7:00pm

Yet another legacy of the law-and-order Republican crowd:

Reporting from Brentwood, N.H. — Come February, the red-brick Rockingham County Courthouse, one of New Hampshire’s busiest, will arraign criminal suspects, process legal motions and otherwise deal with murders, mayhem and contract disputes. What it won’t do is hold jury trials.

The economic storm has come to this: Justice is being delayed or disrupted in state courtrooms across the country.

Financially strapped New Hampshire has become a poster child for the problem. Among other cost-cutting measures, state courts will halt for a month all civil and criminal jury trials early next year to save $73,000 in jurors’ per diems. Officials warn they may add another four-week suspension.

“It brings our system almost to a screeching halt,” said county prosecutor James M. Reams. His aides are scrambling to reschedule 77 criminal trials that were on the February docket.

“All the effort to subpoena witnesses and prepare for those trials is right out the window,” Reams said, frustration in his voice. “Internally, it’s a monumental waste of time. We’ll have to redo everything.”

At least 19 other states, including California, have slashed court budgets and other government services as their economies have tanked, said Daniel Hall, vice president of the National Center for State Courts, a nonprofit in Williamsburg, Va.

Yup! Those evil Muslims in Iraq and everywhere else are sure something to be scared of! They can bring the USA to it’s knees without even lifting a finger! :O What awesome power. Better go hide under your mommas beds people. LOL

4 Bryan { 12.23.08 at 12:25 pm }

People should look to the condition of their own house before complaining about what’s going on in someone else’s. It’s a good thing I’m not a male chauvinist or anything, otherwise I might say something about the hierarchy really needs to get laid so that they stop obsessing with other peoples’ sexual habits.

Based on the number of convictions, I would think that the FBI would welcome a move to something else, where they might actually do something about improving their arrest and conviction rates, because they have been in the tank since the start of the Hedgemony.

The problem with delaying trials is that you are going to slam up against the right to a speedy trial provisions, and cases to have to be dismissed if it keeps up. You already have to wait years for a civil trial, but you don’t have a lot of leeway in criminal cases. Delaying things is going to make an existing mess even worse.