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Peace On Earth?

CNN tells that Israeli PM: Settlers’ actions tantamount to ‘pogrom’

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert opened his weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday with sharp words for Jewish settlers who opened fire on Palestinians last week, saying their actions constituted a “pogrom.”

“We are the children of a people whose historic ethos is built on the memory of pogroms,” Olmert said. “The sight of Jews firing at innocent Palestinians has no other name than pogrom. Even when Jews do this, it is a pogrom.

“As a Jew, I am ashamed that Jews could do such a thing.”

He was addressing the riots last week in which Jewish settlers — angry over the forced evacuation of a contested house in Hebron — attacked Palestinians, setting fire to their houses.

In a statement released by his office, Olmert told the Cabinet that he chose the term “pogrom” — a Yiddish word meaning an organized massacre, usually referring to such attacks against Jews — “after much thought.”

“I formulate these words with the greatest care that I can,” the prime minister said.

But Jimmy Carter is anti-Semitic for comparing what Israel does to the Palestinians as similar to the apartheid policy of white governments in South Africa. Understand that the Israeli authorities ousted the settlers in accordance with a decision of the Israeli courts, but the settlers attacked Palestinians. The thundering [pogrom] was not the hooves of the Tsar’s Cossacks, but the thuggery of the settlers.

If Palestinians had done what the settlers did, it would have been called terrorism, and there would have been outrage from all corners of the AIPAC sponsored US government. If Olmert hadn’t complained would anyone in the US even know it happened?  Until you resolve the Israeli-Palestinian problem, there will be no peace anywhere in the Middle East, and the only way of solving it is by treating both sides equally.


1 Jack K., the Grumpy Forester { 12.07.08 at 11:40 pm }

…the ongoing plight of Palestinians in the “Occupied Territories” is the Conflict That Dare Not Speak Its Name. It just isn’t possible to discuss the issue in simple human terms without being branded as ‘anti-Semitic’. Ehud Olmert had better make sure that someone is watching his back…

2 Bryan { 12.08.08 at 11:21 am }

Israel prime ministers who show any concern for the Palestinians have a history of getting assassinated by right wing Zionists. The same thing happens to Arab leaders who try to resolve the issue, they get killed by extremists on the other side.

Just like India and Pakistan, the “terrorists” on both sides of the issue want the “war” to continue as they will lose their power if there is peace.

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