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Just A Note

Based on the possibility of an unwelcome guess named Ida dropping by on Tuesday morning, I will be occupied with a few last minute details, like tying things down and getting more gas for the generator.


1 Steve Bates { 11.08.09 at 7:15 pm }

Stay safe, Bryan.
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2 hipparchia { 11.08.09 at 7:21 pm }

yes, i’m looking forward to this. not.

3 Steve Bates { 11.08.09 at 7:25 pm }

You too, hipparchia. Keep out of harm’s way.
.-= last blog ..Dear Representative Culberson: =-.

4 Jack K., the Grumpy Forester { 11.08.09 at 7:43 pm }

…I echo Steve’s comments to you two: Be safe…

5 Bryan { 11.08.09 at 8:13 pm }

I thank you all for your thoughts.

By all of the normal indicators, this thing should be collapsing, i.e. moderate wind shear, dry air in the area, cooler water, but it has managed to spin up to the point where it is 6 mph below the level for a category 3 storm. You have to go back to 1985 to find another hurricane that came ashore this late in the season.

The old rules don’t seem to apply any more.

6 hipparchia { 11.08.09 at 11:42 pm }

i was here for kate too. that was the storm that got the official hurricane season extended to the end of november.

7 Bryan { 11.08.09 at 11:48 pm }

That was an ambush hurricane, from nothing to a hurricane in one day, and then up to a major cat 3, and finally coming ashore as a 2.

I had high hopes that Claudette was it, but that’s what I get for hoping.

8 ellroon { 11.09.09 at 12:20 am }

Bottled water! Inflatable raft! Bubble wrap! Chicken soup! Light sticks!

Or something. Be safe, Bryan.
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9 Badtux { 11.09.09 at 12:24 am }

Sounds like you’re stocking up for a rave party, Ellroon :).
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10 hipparchia { 11.09.09 at 12:59 am }

dang! i’m inviting ellroon to my hurricane party!

11 Bryan { 11.09.09 at 9:54 am }

This morning it looks like Ida finally decided to play by the book and has weakened considerably, so conditions are only similar to driving down a freeway in a convertible with the top down during a thunderstorm, a condition all MGB owners are familiar with.

Bad news for people around the Mississippi/Alabama line but good news for my Mother’s Bunko Club which gets a bit testy when they have to cancel a meeting, even for the occasional hurricane or wildfire.

12 hipparchia { 11.09.09 at 5:30 pm }

we’ve been getting rain all day, and some breezier than breezy but not yet windy spells. i’ve brought in all the stuff from the porch and counted noses — everybody is inside.

there was a tense half hour or so as i waited for my shyest one to come out of hiding. usually i can lure her out of wherever by opening a can of food, but not this afternoon. i was on the verge of leashing up the dog and going out into the rain and the gloom to look for her, but she finally slipped into view on her way to check out the planters i’d brought inside.

from there she slipped back into the ether somewhere, but at least all the doors and windows are closed, so i know she’s in here somewhere.

ok, now i’m ready for whatever ida brings.

13 Bryan { 11.09.09 at 5:54 pm }

Ringo was outside for a while this morning, but she’s back inside because she got wet.

Not much wind to speak of, but if it even gets damp the local skid all over. They can’t figure out that SUVs can’t drive on water, even if there’s a fish on the back. 😈