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2009 November 12 — Why Now?
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Still Causing Trouble

Apparently not satisfied with annoying coastal residents along the northern Gulf, Ida flooded small farmers in Georgia, and is now attacking the Mid-Atlantic coastline.

Dr Jeff Masters reports: “A historic Nor’easter, energized by the remains of Hurricane Ida is pounding the coast from North Carolina to New Jersey with heavy rain, tropical storm-force winds, and a destructive storm surge. Wind gusts of 64 mph were reported at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and at Cape Henry, VA this morning. The high winds, combined with the slow movement of the Nor’easter are acting to push near-record storm surges onto the coast in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.”

These things are bad enough when it’s hot outside, but having to put up with them when it’s cold is really pushing it.

November 12, 2009   Comments Off on Still Causing Trouble